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Would you like to regain confidence in your intuitive abilities, overcome situations that go around in circles and improve your relationships?

Suzanne Cerutti offers several methods such as:

  • Systemic constellations (individual sessions)

  • ​ "NERTI" ; rapid emotional cleansing of unconscious       trauma

  • ​ "NLP" to help you change your beliefs, your mood, your posture and access the best version of yourself. To access your unconscious mind and transmit information to it.

  • Her intuition and experience

  • Her technical knowledge as a practitioner, master practitioner and facilitator


A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a unique spiritual self-study program designed to awaken us to the truth of our oneness with God and Love.


Would you like to feel at peace even in difficult circumstances?


Would you like all your relationships to be affectionate?


Would you like to feel more connected to your Source?


Channeling / Healing


The YouTube channel with full integrity of what Kryon teaches is now officially authorized by the author.


The entire Kryon audio library is available in chronological order (like on using playlists. Channelings are grouped by year and even by month to make it easier to catch up if you miss something. 

Channel in English, translations available on the site.

Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

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